(S E U N I I R T)
was founded by the Decree of the
Ministry of Telecommunications of Ukraine
of June 23, 1993 № 87 and belongs to the Administration of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine management domain

Owing to importance of scientific researches for Ukraine, SE UNIIRT fulfils the functions of Head System Institute in the following fields of activities:

  • Development of theory and practice for all-purpose radio systems, broadcasting and TV systems, cellular radio systems, satellite and space communication systems; scientific promotion for advanced radio technologies, audiovisual and multimedia systems, including development of solutions for branch economic problems;
  • Development of methods, means and devices for electromagnetic compatibility assurance;
  • Metrological and normative provision of the branch of radio communications, broadcasting and TV;
  • Implementation of scientific-technical know-how on telecommunication networks of Ukraine;
  • Certification tests according to the defined procedures;
  • Production and Quality System Certification;
  • Services provision for juridical and physical persons, with the exception of the cases incompatible with certification of production and Quality Systems;
  • Publishing for scientific-technical production;
  • Other legal economic and scientific-technical activities.

By the order of Ukrainian Ministry of transport and communications №15 of January 12, 2009 "About the consummation of Ukrainian Ministry of transport and communications Collegium Decision № 43 of December 17, 2009" SE UNIIRT was certified for "А" category.

SE UNIIRT was entered into the State Register of scientific institutions, which are granted support of the state (Certificate № 01336, НГ series, of July 06, 2010, issued by Ukrainian State Committee on the matters of science,  innovations and informatization.



System Works

System works form considerable part of overall Institute’s works.

The specialists of SE UNIRT have taken active part in creation of Main Provisions of Unified National Telecommunications System of Ukraine (UNTSU) and the appropriate Complex Program of UNTSU, as well as different projects for state target programs and concepts in the following fields of telecommunication:

  • Terrestrial radio systemsequipment for access to Public Switch Telephone Networks (PSTN) of Ukraine
  • Terrestrial digital broadcasting systems for Ukraine
  • Implementation of advanced technologies for Fixed and Mobile Telecommunication networks of Ukraine and the evolution of Ukraine towards 3G Mobile Telecommunication Systems
  • Radio frequencies resource use
  • Development of audiovisual systems and services in Ukraine
  • Creation of Unified National Emergency Mobile Communications Network
  • Operation of satellite mobile and personal communications as well as satellite broadcasting and TV   
  • Development of National Electrical Supply Network and National Mail Service and Communications Network by the year 2010 etc.
  • Development of state broadcasting systems
  • Development of telecommunication in Ukraine
  • Transition of Ukraine to  3G Mobile Telecommunication Systems
  • Implementation of digital TV and broadcasting in Ukraine
  • Creation of National Satellite System of Ukraine by the year 2015
  • Increasing the efficiency of Ukrainian radio frequencies resource use.

With the purpose of scientific-technical activities improvement, the Scientific-Technical Council of SE UNIIRT has developed and adopted the following important documents:

  • Concept of SE UNIIRT development for the mid-term period 2008-2012;
  • Program of realization of the main provisions of the above Concept.

Scientific-research works and  development projects

In the period from  1993  to May, 2010  SE UNIIRT has elaborated:

Scientific-research works


Development projects


Informational services


Technical audits


Certification works


Technical services


As it can be seen from the diagram below, most Contracts have been performed by the order of State Telecommunications Administration of Ukraine and other state institutions (red, blue, yellow and green), homeland customers (violet) and foreign customers (orange).

From 2001 SE UNIIRT constantly takes part in tenders for scientific-research works of nation-wide importance.

These works are aimed at development of programs and concepts for advanced radio technologies implementation in Ukraine in the sectors of mobile communication systems, television, broadcasting, satellite communications systems etc.; elaboration of position of Ukraine on world’s radio communications conferences, propositions on radio spectrum use efficiency increasing, tariff policy improvement and development of normative documents, which are harmonized with European requirements.

Together with other organizations, SE UNIIRT performs different research works, connected with implementation of requirements of the Ukrainian Law “About Telecommunications”, radio spectrum conversion and development of Regulations on Radio communications of Ukraine.

The specialists of SE UNIIRT constantly provide consultations and expert conclusions on different technical problems on requests of Ukrainian Ministries, national Agencies and Bodies and State Telecommunications Administration of Ukraine.

Information activities


SE UNIIRT takes active part in:.

  • developing of information resourceof Ukrainian Telecommunications branch; conferences, seminars, forums and exhibitions, using all available mass-media for informing all the interested persons and institutions about the achieved scientific results.
  • SE UNIIRT keeps and upgrades web-pages in Internet, informing about its activities and results.
  • Provides information and expert servicesto enterprises and institutions according to their requests in the matters of radio communications, broadcasting and TV.







SE UNIIRT participation in International Telecommunications organizations activities

Pursuant to authorities, delegated by State Telecommunication Administration of Ukraine, UNIIRT takes part in the activities of international organizations in the field of radio communications, broadcasting and TV.

Pursuant to directions of integrated process, defined by the "Concept of development of relations with the European Union in the Telecommunications branch" and by the "Branch Development program of relations between Ukraine and the EU", approved by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 30, 1999, SE UNIIRT takes part in activity of such leading International and European organizations: ITU, ETSI, CEPT, ERO, EUTELSAT, РСЗ, ISO, IEC, CENELEC, MEK, MKO.

In result Ukraine has become and remains the constant co-author of many Recommendations, Reports, Contributions and other International documents on handling, transmitting and reproduction of audiovisual information.

Pursuant to scientific directions of the Institute the SE UNIIRT specialists take part in activities of all ITU-R Research commissions, ITU-T sectors, the appropriate work and target groups, our specialists prepare the projects on the proposals for Telecommunication Administration of Ukraine on international cooperating, projects of Ukrainian position on World Administrative Radio Conferences and draft projects aimed at improvement of ISO/IEC normative base.

In addition, SE UNIIRT specialists take part in the works of Study Groups SG9 and SG16 of ITU-T standardization sector, according to the order of Ukrainian State Committee of Telecommunications and Information № 83 of July 8, 2005, by which SE UNIIRT was appointed the Body, responsible for these Study Groups activities.

By Ukrainian initiative the international normative documents specifying technical solutions in the field of audiovisual systems and services have been developed and are being developed to the utmost taking into account the Ukrainian interests.

As a result of these activities Ukraine has become the co-author of more than 250 Recommendations, Reports and other International documents on audiovisual information processing, broadcast and representation.

Ukrainehas proposed more than 160 contributions to different international organizations. Active works in 12 prospective directions is being conducted by the proposal of Ukraine.

Taking into account these facts, a number of Ukrainian specialists havebeenchosen for leading positions in ITU-R. In such a way, a representative of Telecommunications and Radiofrequencies Administration of Ukraine was chosen as Vice-Head of Study Group 6 and a representative of SE UNIIRT was chosen as Vice-Head of Study Group 6P.




(European Telecommunications Standards Institute)


SE UNIIRT received ETSI CERTIFICATE on April 17, 1996.

The membership in ETSI and the authorities, delegated by Telecommunications Administration of Ukraine, allow SE UNIIRT to provide the information concerning European standards and International Recommendations as well as other documents and projects to Ukrainian institutions and enterprises, since ETSI has submitted UNIIRT the right on spreading the European standards within Ukraine.

The specialists of SE UNIIRT develop, adapt and coordinate Ukrainian national and branch standards on the basis of European standards.

According to the directions of our scientific activities, SE UNIIRT takes part in discussions on the problems of implementing in Ukraine a series of international standards, guidelines and others normative documents on the temporary basis, until implementation of national standards.

Standardization and metrology

SE UNIIRT is appointed basic organization in the following directions:

  • Standardizationin radio communication, broadcasting and television;
  • Metrological maintenance in the directions of radio communication, broadcasting and television;
  • Development andrenewal of normative acts on labour safety.

SE UNIIRT as a basic organization has elaborated the prospective plan of standardization in the following main directions:

  • mobile radio communications systems;
  • satellite communication and broadcasting;
  • audiovisual systems and services;
  • antenna-feeder devices;
  • electromagnetic compatibility etc.

In general it is planned to develop more than 300 standards, among which there will be national, international, branch standards, other normative documents.

According to order of State Committee of Telecommunications and Information of Ukraine, SE UNIIRT fulfils commitments of keeping the Fund of Normative Documents of Ukraine in the field of radio communications and broadcasting.

SE UNIIRT is entrusted to keep the fund of normative documents of  Telecommunications branch of Ukraine in the field of radio communication and broadcasting.

Two Technical Committees (TC) were created in SE UNIIRT:

Technical Committee of standardization (ТC 123)

(The Order of State Standard of Ukraine № 306 of May 8, 1998)

ТC-123 was created with the purpose of advancing state, intergovernmental and international standardization activities organization in the branch of Audiovisual systems and services (АVSS).

The main activity directions of ТC-123 deal with activities on branch, state, intergovernmental and international standardization in the field of audiovisual systems and services. In particular, it is necessary to mention:

  • The development of national normative documents, harmonized with international standards and normative documents of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and foreign countries;
  • Creation of normative base, which helps to promote spreading of audiovisual space of Ukraine and integration of national communications and broadcasting into global and European informational infrastructure.


ISO/IECJTC1/SC29 "Encoding of audio, video, multimedia and hypermedia information".

IEC/ТC 100 "Audio, video, multimedia subsystems and equipment"

As a Р-member of ТC 100 МЕК and the member of ISO/IEC JTC1 "Information technology", ТC 123 provides the State Standard Organization of Ukraine with all the necessary materials for voting on 100 international documents from the name of Ukraine.

In the framework of ТC-123 the draft plan of a complex national, intergovernmental and international standardization of audiovisual systems and services in Ukraine to the year 2007 was designed. More than 230 national standards, 145 intergovernmental standards and modifications of 8 European standards in total are planned for developing.

Due to the efforts of TС 123 representatives, Ukraine has provided ITU-R with more than 160 Contributions tothe sphere of audiovisual systems and services standardization for broadcasting systems, improved quality television, digital audio maintenance, quality assessment, colour representation for television etc.

The appropriate international documents were prepared by these contributions.

Technical Committee of standardization (ТК 155)

(Created by the Order of State Standard of Ukraine № 88 of March 22, 2006)


ТC 155 was created to perfect the process of state, interstate and international standardization development in the sphere of radio technologies.

The sphere of ТC 155 activities includes terrestrial mobile radio communication systems; fixed radio communication systems; satellite communication systems.

The main purposes of ТC 155 are:

  • Development of national normative documents;
  • Normative basis creation for implementation of advanced radio communication systems, modern technologies, QoS improvement in the field of radio technologies;
  • National normative basis creation for radio communication technologies, harmonized with regional, international standards and recommendations.

ТC 155 embraces the following objects of standardization:

  • Radio relay systems; radio technologies for primary network and public switched core networks; radio access systems; PSTN radio technologies; amateur radio communication systems;
  • Land mobile communication systems; maritime mobile communication systems; aerial mobile communication systems; multimedia applications for mobile communications;
  • Satellite channels; fixed satellite communication systems; satellite broadcasting systems; satellite mobile communication systems; satellite radio communications equipment; planning in satellite radio communications systems.
  • Radio technologies in military applications.

TС 155 is going to cooperate with the International organizations:

  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute  (ETSI);
  • International Telecommunications Union (ITU);
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

In the period from 1994 to May 2010 the specialists of SE UNIIRT has elaborated 153 National Standards of Ukraine (DSTU) ( at present 60 National Standards are in the process of creation), 5 Branch standards (GSTU), many GOST standards and other normative documents.

SE UNIIRT holds the Accreditation Certificate for measuring equipment calibration

CB UNIIRT makes certification of the following equipment:


1 Telecommunication systems equipment

1.1 Telephone networks switching equipment, including:

  • analogue and digital exchanges with ISDN functions (urban, inter-urban, international, combined, rural, branch, office etc.);
  • switching centres of mobile communication systems and fixed radio access systems;
  • subscriber access equipment;
  • jumper equipment;
  • operating rooms equipment;
  • communication lines multiplexers;
  • information inquiry systems;
  • subscriber and inter-exchange signalization systems for telephone network of Ukraine;
  • PCM-encoding equipment, CELP and EVRC encoding equipment.

1.2 Intermediate and additional equipment for telephone exchanges, including:

  • technical maintenance and control systems for telecommunications networks;
  • call-processing centres;
  • systems of protection against unauthorized hook-up and access to subscribers lines, subscriber multiplexers;
  • emergency dispatching  and loud communication equipment.

1.3 Subscriber equipment, including:

  • telephone sets of different classes, ISDN terminals, automatic dial equipment;
  • pay-phones, systems of pay-phones automatic diagnostics in the points of their interaction with PSTN of Ukraine;
  • subscriber hubs;
  • ІР-phones, ІР-adaptors;
  • fax communication equipment;
  • digital subscriber lines equipment.

1.4 Data transmission systems equipment, including:

  • multi-channel digital equipment;
  • channels compression equipment;
  • connection devices for digital transmission equipment;
  • fibre-optical telecommunication lines equipment;
  • equipment of communication via power transmission lines.

1.5 Nodes and details of telecommunication systems, including:

  • secondary power-supply sources;
  • backup power supply systems;
  • plastic telephone cards and  RFID cards.

2 Radiocommunication equipment

2.1 Radio-relay transmission systems and parts.

2.2 Radiostations.

2.3 Cellular communication systems.

2.4 Trunking systems.

2.5 Paging systems.

2.6 Satellite systems.

2.7 Subscriber radio access systems and equipment.

2.8 Wire-line telephone sets connected with wireless handset terminals.

3 Transmission and retransmission equipment

3.1 Systems and features of on-air radio broadcasting.

3.2 Systems and features of wire-line radio broadcasting.

3.3 Systems and features of TV broadcasting.

4 Antennas

5 Cable-line works and equipment of Telecommunication systems lines routes

5.1 Fibre-optical cables.

5.2 Optical fibres.

5.3 Telecommunication cables (coaxial, RF etc.).

5.4 Cable fittings (armature).

5.5 Components of fibre-optical transmission systems.

5.6 Line routes equipment.

5.7 Jumper and distribution equipment.

6 Electrical reactors and static electrical transformers

7 Electrical accumulators and accumulative batteries

8 Computers and other information processing equipment, which are parts of telecommunication systems

Since 1995 R&TV TC UNIIRT is accredited for technical competence and independence (Accreditation certificate № UA 6.002.H.194 of December 24, 2003).  The active Certificate №2H227 of December 01, 2008 is valid untilNovember 11, 2011

Three times the Test Centre has successfully confirmed its right on performing certification tests of production, indicated in its accreditation domain.

The accreditation domain of R&TV TC UNIIRT:

1 General purposes radio stations

1.1 Transmitting-receiving radio stations (including ones with angle modulation, retransmitters, antenna amplifiers), with digital and wideband signals modulation, including cellular radio terminals and telephones of GSM, CDMA2000 (1x, EVDO rev. O, A), 3G standards etc.

1.2 Satellite communication systems equipment.

1.3 Analogue and digital broadcasting transmitters.

1.4 Analogue and digital TV transmitters.

1.5 Wire-line telephone sets, connected with wireless terminals (radio-extension), including that of DECT standard, wireless microphones, radio-modems.

1.6 WiFi, WiMax and LTE equipment.

2 Radio-relay stations and its equipment

2.1 RF transmitting-receiving equipment.

2.2 General purpose data transmission equipment.

2.3 Coupling devices for radio and wire-line data transmission equipment

3 TVtransmitting-receiving equipment, including satellite systems equipment

4 Cable TV equipment and devices

5 Wire-line communication features, intermediate and end radio communication equipment

6 Antennas

7 Computers

7.1 Personal computers, workstations, servers.

7.2 Video features for PC.

7.3 Printers.

8 Household radio electronic devices

9 Electronic household equipment

10 Power supply techniques and equipment for telecommunication devices

10.1 Electrical reactors and static electrical transformers.

10.2 Power supply devices: rectifiers, converters, charging devices, invertors and no-break power supply aggregates.

SE UNIIRT certification competence is proved by the following  Certificates:

  • NAAU (National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine) Certificate of Accreditation proves CB UNIIRT competence towards the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021:2006 (Certificate №8O029 of March 22, 2010, valid until March 21, 2013);
  • NAAU Certificate of Accreditation proves CB UNIIRT competence towards the requirements of EN 45011:1998 (Certificate №1O094 of March 22, 2010, valid until March 21, 2013);
  • NAAU Certificate of Accreditation of UNIIRT Test Centre (Certificate №2H227 of December 01, 2008, valid until November 11, 2011);
  • Quality Management System Certificate (№UA2.027.01587 of August 2, 2008, valid until August 1, 2010) for CB UNIIRT Quality Management System in the field of telecommunication features certification by requirements of ДСТУISO 9001 – 2001 (ISO 9001: 2000);
  • Certificate of CB UNIIRT Appointment in UkrCEPRO system (№UA.P.030 of August 12, 2008, valid until August 12, 2011);
  • Certificate of CB UNIIRT Appointment in UkrCEPRO system for Quality Management Systemcertification (№UA.MQ.161 of April 1, 2008, valid until April 1, 2011);
  • Authotity of CB UNIIRT in UkrCEPRO system in the field of import production certification works (№282 of August 12, 2008, valid until August 1, 2011).

 Participation in international conferences, exhibitions and seminars

The specialists of SE UNIIRT issued:

14monographs in Ukraine, 2 monographs abroad, 59 inventions (patents), 443scientific articles, 40publications in foreign specialized magazines, 387theses of scientific reports etc.


During the years 1995 – 2010 SE UNIIRT specialists took part in more than 50 international conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, debates, on which more than 190 reports and 6 models of self-developed and self-manufactured equipment were presented.

For the active participation in organization and conducting scientific conferences SE UNIIRT was many times honoured with awardscertificates, diplomas, and other signs of honour.

The specialists of SE UNIIRT received more than 30 International certificates in different spheres of scientific-practical activities.